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Vintage Radio Restoration

We can restore your vintage valve radio to full working order and ensure that it is in a safe condition to operate.

Valve radios from the 1930's to the 1960's were the main source of news and entertainment in many households and were often beautifully designed and engineered items. If you have one of these radios, perhaps a family heirloom stored away in the loft or garage, the chances are that it can be restored to full working condition and could take pride of place in your home as both a working radio and a beautiful antique.

Important Safety Note: If your radio has not been used for some time please avoid any temptation to plug it in and try it. There are some components that will definitely need replacing in order to make the radio safe to operate, on their own they are cheap and easy to replace, but powering the set up without replacing them first will be likely to cause further costly damage and could also be an electric shock and fire hazard.

Restoration work can range from a simple electrical restoration to put the radio into a safe operating condition up to a full restoration including cosmetic work on the cabinet. Contact us to discuss your requirements.